Long, lonely winter, later spring,
Lazy summer days, fond memories bring,
Glorious autumn colors fade with the loss;
A dear friend is kneeling at the foot of the cross.

He's written his epitaph in words that rhyme,
His love for his friends made him one of a kind.
He was funny, gregarious, thoughtful too,
No wonder he is missed by much more than a few.

Prayers are unceasing, His Promises are true,
Yet cancer continues, and our prayers do, too.
Too many fall before cancer's vicious toll
Intercession's necessity: mind, body, and soul.

Two sisters join the unending throng
Of Angel's called to Heaven, it seems it's so wrong.
One fought the battle of cancer for years,
The care-giver just drowned in her river of tears.

How fragile this Christmas, mixed memories they bring,
Knowing we can only count on our Savior and King.
And glory in the time God allows each one to share
With family, and friends and our grandchildren, so fair.

This Christmas brings so many things to mind,
I keep searching for words that are gentle and kind.
To let you know that it's YOU that I'm thinking of,
'Mercy' Christmas,
"Wealthy" New Year,
and "REMEMBER" my love.

God Bless
and remember.............
U R Loved.

karen, Christmas 2008

In this year of loss of so many I loved,
and so many who are suffering from cancer,
and other illnesses and surgeries,
I found it necessary to tell you all
Once again~~~~
AND REMEMBER.................


Photo is Karen's family
Karen, Tracy, Katy and Sierra


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