In The Thicket

On top of the hill,
Where the blueberries grow,
Is where I first met
My handsome young beau.

My sister and I
Were busy gathering berries,
He strolled down the lane,
And he really tarried.

Handsome and tall,
Dark and distracting!
We laughed and giggled,
How silly we were acting.

He looked so bored,
Yet we knew we were seen,
I thought he was looking
At my sister, Marlene.

I plunged in the thicket,
More berries to harvest,
That's when I discovered
The stickers were sharpest.
I let out a shriek,
And the blood started flowing,
He gave me his handkerchief,
And smiled oh, so knowing.

Wasn't long till we
Started to court, he and I,
Attending a box social,
Or a square dance near by.

My dad didn't think it
Was really too cricket,
For me to date someone
I had met in a thicket.

Sixty long years have
Passed since we first met,
And there is not one of
Those years I regret.

For we have spent them together,
My sweet beau and I,
Blueberries from the thicket
Makes the sweetest of pies!

© October 20, 2005




Midi: "Blueberry Hill"
Sequenced By: Don Carroll
Used With Permission


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