Tickles the keys on the piano, please,
And play some old tunes for me.
Tunes that take me back in time
Where memories fill this heart of mine,

Remember the tune to ‘I’ll Walk Alone’?
‘Because of You’ or ‘Till Then’?
We sang them together, in days of yore
Oh, please, do you remember when?

We danced together to ‘My Happiness’
‘Chances Are’ played as you gave me my first caress.
‘My Prayer’ was that you would always be
Singing ‘Be My Love’~~~ only to me……..

So many tunes reside in my memory,
When I hear them again, I get ‘Misty’.
Oh how I love the old Love Songs.
If you play them, I’ll try to sing along………

©May 5 2006



Paula Vaughan, Artist

Luvdalot Graphics & Design


Song "My Prayer"


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