I have a few 'Love Treasures',
Kept safe inside my heart,
Those moments beyond measure;
Before we came apart.

The rose you gave at prom,
Is pressed and faded blue,
The note, that was beside the rose,
Is worn and fraying too.

My dance book is completely filled,
Your name on every line.
I saved the bear you gave to me,
For our "First Valentine".

Some faded photos show us,
Arms entwined, and smiling bright.
Love letters mailed from Viet Nam,
Kept me awake, last night.

Yet, it's those sweet Love treasures,
I've kept safe inside my heart.
Your gentle kiss, our first embrace,
Your vow we would never part.

These treasures mean the most to me,
When I see you walking by,
You smile, and wave, and say, "Hello",
I smile, too; but want most to cry.

I don't know what was the reason,
How our love just slipped away,
The letters got fewer, then they stopped,
I guess you had nothing more to say.

These years have not been lonely,
For I have watched you from afar,
Remembering our young love only,
My 'Love Treasures': how sweet they are.

August 04, 2006


Song "The Way We Were"
From The Corner Lounge
Used With Permission



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