High Desert Night

Blazing sun sets slowly
Into the western sky
God's cooling breeze chills
The air on Mountains high.

Dusk settles comfortably
Over the desert floor
Blooming sage emits a soft scent
Too hard to ignore.

A crackling campfire
Tosses embers in the air
In sparkling blue and
Auburn and gold: colors rare.

Stars begin to fill
The blueness of the sky
Locked in your embrace,
We reminisce, you and I.

The moon peeks over
The tops of distant hills
You hold me close,
My heart gets such a thrill.

Our love was born amidst the backdrop
Of the High Desert Night
As we transcend our years together,
My soul takes flight.

We pledged our love forty years ago
On a night just like this
We made our vows to each other,
And sealed them with a kiss.

The world has changed,
But we have not, together now we stand.
And pledge our love for eternity,
You and me, hand in hand.

© Karen
October 1, 2005





"That Old Feeling"
From "The Corner Lounge"
Permission Given

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