In dreams I see what never can be known
The love I hold for you, I hold alone.
How can I tell the world what can not be?
For you are mine only in my Fantasy.

Those lips that kiss, and set my heart afire
Leave me with nothing, only sweet desire,
Of arms to cling to, shoulders big and strong,
Within your heart is where I do belong.

'Tis only my lofty dreams that beckon me
Can I engage in my own fantasy?
For never can these dreams come to pass,
I am left alone, my heart weeps, alas!!!!

Yet, in sweet repose, I speak your name
I feel your warmth ignite a smothering flame
Two hearts meet completely in my dreams
Fantasy embraces my thoughts; or so it seems.

November 02, 2007








Song is courtesy of Tam's Midi's



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