Every year, on the anniversary of my husband's death,
I write him a poem.
Every year,
...........I miss him more..........

More than Yesterday,

Less than Tomorrow.

The following is this years poem:

Eternally Free

May I have this dance, he held out his hand,
And I was transported into A PROMISED Land.

A place where I felt supremely safe,
Gathered inside his warm embrace.

Strengthened and guided along the way.
Able to endure, survive, come what may.

Longingly holding his outstretched hand,
Understanding I'd have to take my stand,

Knowing that no one would ever replace
The joy of his holding me, stroking my face,

Or brushing the tears streaming from my eyes.
He is gone now ~~~ I have to realize

May I have this dance? ~~~ No I'll dance alone.
Remembering memories of dances we've known.

The touch of his hand, the strength of his arm
The love in his eyes, his boyish charm.

Till he comes again to ask, "Will you dance with me?"
I'll embrace him, and dance off ~~~ Eternally Free.

Written with Love,
Eternal Faith that
We will be together again.






Midi: "If"
Sequenced By:
Robert Dupler
Used With Permission

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