Since childhood, I have longed
to walk on a Hawaiian Beach,
and feel the warmth of the
Bluest water
and the Golden Sunlight through
Soft White Clouds.

This year, through the love and
generosity of my niece, that long
awaited walk was finally
and as we walked and talked
together, I told her about
"Wish Prints."

I stumbled some, I'm sure, as I need
time to gather my thoughts about me.
But she was patient, and I believe she
Understood, but in case she didn't,
Perhaps this poem can explain.

"Wish Prints" in the Sand

Each STEP we take, each MOVE we make
Effects another in some way.
We can't always SEE the things that we
Are trying to convey.

From the very start, you held my heart
Your eyes spoke truth to me.
Your specialness was not lost
It was there for the world to see.

I've watched you grow,
Seen your talents bestow
Happiness to those whom you love.
Making "Wish Prints" with you
Made my dreams come true.

So we shared them with those
That we love.
Each "Print" that we leave
Is a "Wish"~~~~we believe
For the person you are thinking of.
Now they are THERE with you

Making "Wish Prints" too,
Washed in the glow of your love.
The Sea moves so fast,
And these "Wish Prints" won't last
Very long, so share
With ALL that you know.

So even walking alone
On the beach we have known
Really brings things to pass.
So YOU were there with me,

No matter where you might be,
For my thoughts
Brought you into my mind.
And every step that I take
IS a Prayer for your sake,

For you have been so exceedingly kind.
"Wish Prints" brought friends to me
From far and near, don't you see.
My family~ my Angels~ my Best Friends.

I'm not walking alone,
Hand in Hand we have been shown
The Master Artist's Reverie.

© July 3, 2005







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