Take me back to the time
When life was sublime
Take me back to my glorious prime
Let me once more express
All that happiness
O, those feelings would be so sublime.

Take me back to the days
Of sunlight and haze
Back when days seemed never to end
Letís play house every day;
Sharing toys as we play,
For you are my very best friend.

Take me back to the creek
Where we met, so to speak,
When you kissed me, I was so alarmed.
Do you love me still?
You said you always will~~~
That was part of your innocent charm.

My first boyfriend was he
Seemed 'twas meant to be
Being with him seemed just like heaven
Take me back to the time
When Life was sublime~~~

I think I was about seven!!!
Back to the fifties!!!!

© February 21 2008








This page is made with love for my sweet friend Karen


Song: "Among My Souvenirs" Courtesy of Merv's Midis



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