Thoughts On A Spring Day
A "Warm-N-Cozy" Greeting

The cool earth splits to let
The small green shoots appear.
The budding trees announce
That cooling shade is near.

The morning sun gently warms
My uplifted, hatless head.
As I watch white fluffy clouds
Like little lambs are lead.

Across the vast blue-meadow sky!
The beauty makes me want to cry!
For all is New, and Clean, and good
A world just made for brotherhood:

Quiet understanding; laughter; love
And prayers to send to God Above.
For this New World that's just begun,
And the precious gift of His only Son;

Through Whom All Things Indeed are New

Karen Payne
All Rights Reserved
March 19, 2004




Music: "Music Box Waltz"
From The Dutchess
Used With Permission


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