A Haunting Refrain

The look in your eyes
Makes me realize
You have to go,
I'll miss you so.

Even though I fear:
I won't shed a tear!
My soldier will depart
With ALL of my heart.

I just can not dismiss
Mem'ries of your sweet kiss.
The strength of your embrace
Time can never replace.

I will miss you I know
Dear, where ever you go,
My prayers are with you
And my spirit is too.

We may be apart
But still, in my heart,
You will always remain
A haunting refrain.

©April 3 2008

This poem was written for the
spouses of our Military personnel
and for their personal sacrifice
for all of us,
Too many are singing their own
"Haunting Refrain"






Song: "We'll Meet Again" Courtesy of Smick and Smodoo



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