I gave my Dad a 'helping hand'
For I was known as his Little Man
He let me drive our one-row plow
Or drive ole Bess, once I knew how.

We worked throughout the sunlit days
I helped my Dad so many ways
Feeding the chicks, or milking cows
Patiently, he showed me how.

I learned a lot at my Dad's knee
We talked of important things, you see,
He spoke of honor and of truth,
Things to remember in my youth.

We talked of Love and cherishing
The gifts of God, joys a wife can bring
My Dad showed his love every day
To my Mom, in so many ways.

I know that he cherished me too
It was obvious in all that he would do
He'd toss me high above his head
Or carry me on my way to bed.

Sometimes we'd take our fishin' pole
And stroll on down to our favorite hole
And sit by the creek till sun would set
Long talks that I remember yet.

To me, My Dad meant everything,
God called him home early one spring,
I miss him so, but strong I stand
Cuz I'm known as My Dad's Little Man.

Someday my son will walk by my side
My love for him, I will not hide
I only pray that I can be
Half the Man my Dad was to me.

October 20 2007










Song "Till We Meet Again"  Courtesy of Grandpa Schober"



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