Looking Back
~ Tuesday, September 11, 2001 ~

Five long years ~~~ yet still I remember
Every emotion of that beautiful September day,
Watching, in horror, buildings burning,
Thousands of lost lives, weeping mourners pray.

Hospitals ready to treat the injured,
Dear Lord, there were only a precious few,
Most were consumed so intently,
Or gave up their lives; their duty to do.

People falling, the sound so defining,
Debris scatters wildly through the air,
Firemen, Policemen, Port Authority,
And Father Joe still standing there.

Unbelievable collapse of the giant towers,
They thought would bring Americans to their knees.
And it did, for a while, for ALL WERE PRAYING,
But then: we stood up; now there will be NO reprise!

Attack on the Pentagon, a National Treasure,
The White House, or Capital, your final decree,
Until you met our FIRST American Patriots,
The passengers and crew of Flight 93!

Planes landing so fast that the sky changes completely
So quiet, you listen for the lonely jet stream.
Blood banks, and flags waving from every doorstep,
Churches are filled with the faithful, it seems.

All we want is Peace, and to allow you to live, too,
In a world that is free from these terrorists schemes.
So our soldiers fight on till this war is over,
And terrorists see Allah brutality in their dreams...

Praying that God will forgive all our errors,
Mistakes we have made trying to win some peace.
Bring our troops safely home, Lord, end this mad fighting.
Every Mother's prayer is ~~~ Please, Jesus, Please...

August 23, 2006

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