Roses grace the world in different hues,
And each color represents the givers views,
Red roses speak of a passionate kind,
While pink portrays Love so divine.

Yellow stands for devotion, that is so true,
White rose is for purity; all fresh and new.
But the Lavender rose stands apart,
And speaks to me of my aching heart,

And of courage, and patience, and faith beyond
Any measure I ever felt I'd be called upon
To endure, yet I bring these roses to you,
Lay them beside your grave, with a tear or two.

Remembering that I love you more today
Than the emotions I survived yesterday:
Knowing, full well, that tomorrow will see
I'm more in Love with you, than I used to be.

More than yesterday,
Less than tomorrow..........

©August 20 2006

















Song "You Loved Me"




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