A chill in the air,
A sweater is needed,
Leaves are turning colors
And cider is greeted

With happy smiles
And a warm hello
It's Autumn,
And I love it so!

Rain showers give way
To afternoon sun
Work mulching the
Garden spot has begun,

Turning death and dying
Into new hope,
Nourishing the soil,
For springtime's new crop.

Turning the soil,
And letting it rest,
Through winter's harsh
Weather, for it is best

For planting of spring's seedlings,
They grow straight and tall
Beginning the process,
We complete in the fall.

Kids dressed in costumes,
Looking for treats,
Pumpkins made into
Jack-O lanterns,
Some even have teeth.

Football games, homecoming,
Harvest Festivals abound.
Christmas Crafts and
Bake Sales in every small town.

The season's roll by us,
We can't stop the flow,
Streams turn to Ice Rinks,
After winter's first snow.

These late days of Autumn
Are those I love most.
Evening time and fireplaces
And burning leaves smoke.

Thank You,
~Precious Lord~
For Frosty Pumpkins.

October 5, 2005


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Sept Morn
Sequenced By: Bob Mace
Permission Granted



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