Forever and Always

Forever and Always, Devoted to you,
Signed with your love and your kisses .
Letters that linger in my memories too,
Reminds me how much my heart misses

Your presence beside me, your breath in my hair,
Your strong arms caressing my shoulder,
Your smile lights your eyes with michevieous flare,
In your sweet embrace, I want to grow older.

Our life, planned together, means more to me
Than the miles that now keep us apart.
My soldier, my hero, forever you'll stay
Locked safely up in my heart.

Like the cameo you gave me, the day that you left,
For that arid land half-a -world away.
Your cameo-appearance in all of my dreams,
In my arms you always will stay.

These long, lonely days until you come home
And hold me again in your arms,
Forever and Always, devoted to you,
I'm a captive of all of your charms.

Forever and always, devoted to you,
Letters signed with your love and your kisses,
Give strength to my heart, and I'm waiting, my love,
To share all that we have been missing.

Lord ,Hold my beloved in the Hollow of Your Hand,
Is my endless prayer that I breathe
No weapon formed against him shall prosper, my Lord.
For Your Almighty Love and Grace, I believe,

Will bring my hero home to our love so pure,
And forever and always we will stand.
Devoted to our God and our duty so true
In a free and democratic land.






Music: "That Grace May Abound"
Musician: Janis Wilson
Arrangement: Janis Wilson


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