The Master Artist's Circus of colors
Wash over me like a flowing stream
Cascading into a waterfall, washing me clean.

The summer sun shines with such intensity,
Drawing out the golds and reds and green,
A feast for my eyes, my mind foresees;
A Change of Seasons

Reflecting on my thoughts within, I realize
My soul has sinned, and that I need to work within
Myself, to repent my sin~~~in my own eyes.

For the Master Artist paid the price for me,
Before I was born, He had set me free,
With His Merciful Love, He is calling for me;
A Change of Seasons

Stepping now into a Waterfall of Forgiveness,
I surrender all my brokenness, my doubt,
My fear, and beg Jesus, Please, Enter my heart
To dwell within, never to depart,

To teach, to love, to comfort, to write,
To help me through each lonely night,
To shelter me, stay by my side,
Through all the seasons, by my Guide;

A Change of Seasons.

August 27, 2006





Song "Somewhere Out There"


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