???Autumn Days With My Lord

An old road meanders along the stream,
Gravel crunching under my shoes,
As I walk this road; I dream a dream
Of walking this road with You.

A canopy of branches display the joys of autumn,
The squirrels race from tree to tree
Butterflies and crickets sing an anthem
Of You walking this road with me.

Reviewing the past, and mistakes I have made,
The pain that I've caused someone else.
Yet, knowing that You have

~ Forgiven ~
~ Forgotten ~
When I just can't forgive myself.

You gently teach me we all do our best.
And that is all that You ask.
That we are open to Your call,
Extending ourselves, at Your request.

I don't need to know how what I say or I do,
Affects others; for that's not my goal.
Just planting the seeds that You will bring to fruition,
Makes it all just a part of the whole.

So in prayerful release, I bring to Your feet
All my shortcomings, all of my doubts,
And raise prayers above for those whom I love
For Love is what prayers all about.

Then releasing them to my Savior; so true,
I can walk on along my autumn road.
Enjoying the dappled sunshine through a
Colorful canopy of reds, browns, and gold.

Praising You through the days of this late autumn haze;
Singing Glory to my Savior and my King.
You are always there with me, it's true
I love walking with You, oh, the pure joy that You bring.

Walking on till the sunset in the western sky
Bids me end this sweet day spent with You.
Gentle Jesus, Precious King, You are my every thing.
I love spending my autumn days with You.

October 6, 2005




? ?




I took this photo on the Grand Mesa, near Grand Junction, CO


Music: "All I Ask"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission


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