I was told a story, once ~ a long time ago ~ it's an old story and I'm
sure I have lost a let in this translation, but what remains of it is such
that I want to tell this story to you.

God called all His Angels; and gave them an avocation.
For Nine long months, Angels whispered words of Love and Adoration
To each newborn; explaining to them God's Mysterious Ways,
Instilling within each tiny heart a longing for the days,

When they could speak the truth they learned at Angel's knees.
The Truth about the Universe, and how it came to be.
Of what each could expect from Life; and all life's mysteries,
And how to live accordingly, Our Heavenly Father, so, to please.

Then just before each newborn saw the very first light of day,
The Angels kissed and told them "Shush", and sent them on their way.
That is why each person has a cleft in upper lip;
A reminder of the secrets that came from and Angel's Kiss.

So if you ever feel down-trodden and completely at a loss,
Remember ~ your 'Angel's Secrets' came right from the 'Angel's Boss'.

Sunday, June 25, 2006






Song"Angels Watching Over Me"


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