Recently, a good friend asked me if I could
assist a friend of hers who had
requested Prayer, and also a way to create
a memory for her son, who passed away
at the age of 21, after spending eight days
in a coma. Of course I offered to try, and the
Mom sent me a picture of her son, an obituary,
and some information about him.

After reading all this information, and late
at night, I was inspired to
write......within 90 minutes, the following poem
was complete, right down to
the punctuation, and any corrections. When
this happens in my writing, I
always feel as if I have experienced some
"Divine Inspiration".

So here is that poem: You decide.

~Written for Rose~

What words can ease the painful stress
Of a Mother's aching heart.
Her son has been taken from her arms
Her world is torn apart.

Her memories come flooding back,
As she relives all those early years
Of watching him grow big and strong;
Her eyes blurred by torrential tears.

I look toward his picture
And James smiles.

"Please tell her that I'm happy here,
And it's as she told me it would be,
When I was just a little boy,
And she'd set me on her knee."

"As she told me about that baby Boy
Born of a Virgin.......yet with child,
The miracle of the Christmas Birth
Of Baby Jesus, meek and mild."

I look toward his picture
And James' smiles.

"For eight days, while I lingered here
So that they might understand
The reasons that I had to leave
For Jesus took my hand."

He said, "Your spirit has done the work, James,
That I wanted you to do
You've heard it said, only the good die young,
Well, James, that's very true."

"Adam, Melissa, Tim, Michelle, Georgana, Joe,
Amanda. Rene: my good friend Pete.
I passionately love you all so
Your LOVE made my whole life complete."

"Dad, Angie, Reynaldo, and Mom (especially You)
Gave me happy memories for 21 years
I Pray God will help you through
This pain with Heavenly, Healing-Heart-Tears."

"I could go on and on, my friend,
It would take me quite a while
To name all my fond memories,
Look at my picture......and see me smile."

Very quietly, James turned to leave,
Then said, "Before I depart,
Just tell my friends and more thing,
I LOVE them with all of my heart."

It's 2 a.m., I can't believe I've finished with this rhyme
I've read it through, can't change a thing
And done in record time.
One last look at his picture,

"Well, James........How'd we do ?"

And James


And WINKED at me

I think he would do that

Don't You?

With Love

assisted by Karen
© 2004

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