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Good Morning.

My name is Dick Ketler.

I'm Sheila's husband and the newest member of Fay's family.
We would like to thank all of you for attending this morning
to help us celebrate our Mother's life and honor the memory
of Fay Hennigar. The family has asked that I speak for them
to share with you a few special memories of Mom's final years.

Mom had always been the greatest teacher, motivator, and
inspiration for her children . . . but never more so than in the
past six years during and after the massive, multiple heart
surgeries that only four people in the world before her had
ever survived. Throughout this time of her greatest challenges,
she never stood taller. She endured extensive pain, months of
rehabilitation, and endless hours of medical examinations and
tests . . .and in the process gave her children the greatest
opportunity of their adult lives. They spent the long grueling
hours of Mom's surgeries and months of recuperation together
around the clock, comforting each other, learning about
themselves, and sharing memories long forgotten. More?
importantly, they were able to experience clearly the wisdom
of the lessons their Mother instilled in them by her example
throughout her life.

She also gave her grandchildren the opportunity for six more
years to grow up in her presence during the most formative
period of their lives, so that they, too, could receive the gift
of her love and the character-defining imprint of her core
values . Humility, strength, selflessness, joy of life, and
compassion. Mom's surgeries did not define her life; rather,
they exemplified her character. She showed us that no matter
what life throws your way, you can always prevail with hard
work, perseverance, love, the support of family and friends,
a healthy dose of wit and humor, and a good "to do" list.

I'd also like to add my own reflections on Fay. As a newcomer
to the family, I'm at liberty to express some thoughts her
children may be reluctant to share. I met Fay a little over a year
ago on my first visit to Northwood to meet my soon-to-be in-laws.
Under circumstances that could have been extremely awkward and
difficult, she accepted me without hesitation as part of her family
and was thrilled in the love Sheila and I had found. One of my
greatest blessings will always be that I had the opportunity to
spend every day with Fay during a month-long visit at our home
this past summer, during which time I grew to love and know
her quite well.

 During that visit, Mom confided in me, privately, that she was
so relieved because finally she had reached the point in her life
where she could stop worrying . . . because she knew her children
all were happy, had loving spouses, and successfully were raising
fine families of their own. Obviously, she would have wanted to be
with us for years to come, but essentially what she said to me was
that, when the time came to go, she was content. As most of you
know, Fay was very private person, so I was particularly struck
by her openness. In so doing, however, she provided me a real
insight into her character.

 Fay was not a person of great worldly achievements or
experiences. She was a humble woman who asked for little and gave
everything she had to ensure the happiness and welfare of her family
and friends. That was her overriding mission in life, and her greatest
joy. Her contributions to the betterment of our world are the
members of her family sitting here today. Virtually single-handedly
and through difficult times, she raised and nurtured five children
to become productive, caring and successful adults who embody her
admirable spirit, values, and strength of character. These virtues they
have passed to their children, all of whom are bright, talented and
personable young men and women who, in turn, will make great
contributions to their families, communities, and society.

That's the legacy of Fay Hennigar. Her imprint will live on and
spread for generations to come.

And so, at this time of great loss and facing their most difficult
challenge yet, Fay's family thanks you for joining with them to honor
Mom's life, perpetuate her enduring love, and rejoice in the
knowledge she achieved all in life she set out to accomplish and now
can rest at peace.

God bless you, Mom.

The Following Poem was written by
Fay's daughter Sherry,

Mom, Grandma, and Friend~~~
Unconditional love, right to the end.
Heart so big, it literally gave,
Always strong, sweet and brave.

Raised five kids, you put us first,
Even when you felt your worst.
Unselfish and loving was your gift,
A caring ear when we needed a lift.

You beat the odds, made medical history,
Our admiration for you is no mystery.
A perfect person for a purple heart,
God made you special from the start.

Twenty-five years to Winnebago you'd heed,
Determined to give us whatever we need.
Time with your grandchildren was one of
Your greatest joys,
Each one special to you ~~3 girls and 10 boys.

We couldn't have asked for a better Mom,
Our hearts are breaking now that your gone.
God has made you an angel, in this we trust,
To watch from above and take care of us.

Sherry Olson ©
All rights reserved.

Joy Comes in the Morning

"My Fay"

I'm missing you much more each day
My dearest friend; my sweet Fay.
You meant the whole world to me,
All who knew you would agree.
No one was like "my Fay".

You were a loyal friend right from the start
You offered your hand, and captured my heart.
The laughter, the tears, the love we shared.
Remains here with me, I know how you cared.

What matters now more
than ever before is the
love that she freely shared.

Ever gentle and kind,
she tried so hard to find
common ground,
for she truly cared.

In her you could confide,
And her arms opened wide.
To give comfort or a
shoulder to cry on.

She laughed with such zeal,
and her humor was real.
Yes, she was a friend
you could rely on.

Why God called her home,
and in taking her, stole
a whole portion of my life~
I don't understand.

I must try to move on.
Though my spirit weeps through
these lonely nights; I still comprehend.
"Joy Comes in the Morning;"
And with that 'GREAT DAWNING'

With Jesus ~~~ A Heavenly Sight.
Fay and I can walk
shoulder to shoulder.

She meant so much to me
She was my friend,
don't you see~~~~
And I will miss her
forever and more.

February16, 2006 ©


"I May Never Pass This Way Again"

Sequenced By Bob Sorem
Used With His Permission


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