A Guardian Angel was assigned
To guide your steps, as was designed
Along the upward spiral way
Golden steps you must take, day by day.

We start so small, so much to learn,
And wander forward, oh, how we yearn
To reach up through the skies above,
And find our purpose, ourselves to prove.

The Angel guides with a gentle touch,
Our youth finds us in the clutch
Of wanton sin, a sensual embrace,
Mistakes, we feel, time can't erase.

The Angel leads us forward still,
We learn God's way, accept His Will,
Repentant and surrendering fast
Forgiven sin stays in the past.

The Angel comforts our broken hearts.
Makes straight our crooked steps, and starts
To teach us to study and to pray
For those who are walking this narrow way.

The Angel consoles us for those gone before,
Tells us they wait for us at the door.
Calmly she tells us to lead the way
For those who follow, lest they should stray.

At last you reach that pearly gate
The Angels are singing, Saints celebrate~~
All you take with you is, what you've been given,
The Love that you earned, climbing the
Stairway to Heaven.

August 26, 2006



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