Let Me Serve

Here am I, My Merciful Savior,
Coming to You on bended knee,
Cleanse me with Loving, Living Water
Heart, and soul, mind and body.

Gleaning Your word, Inspired and Holy,
In the soft light of a candle's glow,
Touch my poor spirit, humble and lowly,
Favor my concepts; Your Words to Know.

Lock in my heart Your simple message.
Let me express, to all who will hear,
The Peace, Love and Grace of our Merciful Savior,
To all who are lost, please let them draw near....

Allow  me to Serve in any way needed.
Allow me to serve each step of the way
Allow, Dear Savior, any poor and needy
To find hope and strength in YOU today.

Grant me the words to speak to the spirit
Of those who are lonely, lost, and alone.
Guide me, and Lead me, Precious Savior,
So All may come, Safely Home.





Song: "Make Me A Blessing"
From Wanda's Midi"s


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