The Peace that Passes

The Lord guards your heart and your mind,
His Truth is waiting there for you to find,
All we need do is rest on that Word
And raise our praises up to the Lord.

Jesus inhabits each word of our praise,
Jesus will be with you through all of your days.
Comfort and calm and courage abound
Where we are ~~~ our Lord can be found.

He is there while we're sleeping, and when we awake
When we laugh, He is there, and He cries for our sake.
Whether working or playing; in leisure or strain.
The Lord is with us ~~~ is our only refrain.

Worship Him, Praise Him, I'm sure you will find
The Peace that He promised will be so divine,
Tell all that is within you Bless His Holy Name.
From this day onward, your life won't be the same.

April 28, 2005




Music: "Air I Breathe"
Musician: Janis Wilson
Arrangement: Janis Wilson

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