Love fills my heart
And my Soul sighs,
Too long, since we said
Our last good-byes.

How lonely the hours,
How painful the cries,
My heart does the weeping,
And my soul sighs!!!

Dawn breaks the morning!!!
Let weeping subside!!!
Instead ~~~ understand
Where my Lord SHOULD abide!!!

Weep not, my heart,
Sigh not, my soul,
Kneel down in prayer
Be cleansed, and made whole!!!

LOVE is not lost!!!
Eternal ~~~ it will stand!!!
LOVE abides, where it’s SAFE
In God’s Promised Land!!!

Love fills my heart
And my soul sighs!!!
Embracing God’s Promise
Of a Perfect Paradise!!!

No more lonely hours
Nor unending cries
No more watching, and waiting,
The SON lights the skies!!!

Glorious Clouds are descending
Trumpets herald the call
Angels singing the Anthems!!!
JESUS ~~~ seen by us all!!!

Caught up in an instant,,
Saints are joining the throng
Angels singing the chorus,
Unto CHRIST we belong!!!

My Redeemer, Deliverer,
Raises me ~~~ my heart flies.
LOVE fills my heart
And my soul sighs!!!!

January 8, 2008






Song "Joy Comes In The Morning"


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