His heart was broken, so mine could be mended,
Head crowned with thorns, so I could see.
His side was pierced, His blood was blended,
Flowing down the cross on Calvary.

He gave His life, He was so willing
To save my restless faithless soul,
That He could give a LIFE so precious
For one so lost He made me whole.

Today I start a new Beginning,
Please guide my way seal my vane pride.
Filled with the fruit of Your Holy Spirit,
May JESUS ONLY in my soul abide.

This mended heart will sing His Praises
Throughout my life, through eternity.
His precious blood makes all the difference,
Flowing down the cross on Calvary.

November 5, 2007











Song: "My Jesus I Love you"  Courtesy of  Worship and Praise Music





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