A recent trip to the Monterey peninsula
and stormy seas, locally described
as 25-28 foot waves, and restrictions on
the beaches made for a slow and
lovely drive along the shore.........
and this poem:

Smoothed by winds of time, and waves that never cease,
This rock stands firm before the storms that pass,
Washed clean relentlessly by the salty seas,
This lesson I must not let my mind surpass.

The ebb and flow of living gathers emotions strong,
And bends them to conform with our own truths,
What matters most, as we near the end of life,
Confirms all 'fantasies' of our reckless youth.

One Thought; before all others; must abide,
The ROCK we stand on through life's storms, command,
Without God's Majesty; our source and guide,
We'd all be lost in shifting, sinking sand.

Can you feel the crescendo of the sea?
Can you hear the crashing of the wave?
Can you sing the Glory of God's Majesty?
Do you know He sent His Son, for YOU, to save?

Come~~Worship now~~in peaceful, sweet surrender,
His Majesty to the whole world let us proclaim,
Bowing low before His Glory, our praises render,
Your life will never again be quite the same.....

January, 6, 2007













Song: "Majesty" Quality Christian Music


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