Bridging over all today's trials,
Prayer requests that tear the heart,
Friends and family, ill and hurting,
Lost control; the teardrops start.

"Lean not on your own understanding",
Follow the path you have known so long.
Contact those who will join in praying,
Those "Lighthouse" spirits that are so strong.

Draw now all your strength together,
Form the army of the Lord.
Whisper prayers of faith, unceasing,
Rally round, with one accord.

Renewed, upheld, supported, loved.
Teardrops turn to Heavenly charms,
Prayers to ease the broken-hearted,
Allow rest in the warmth of our Savior's arms.

Tranquil Moments, filled with Blessings,
And healing prayers for those you love,
Descend upon your spirit, so refreshing,
Tranquil Moments from Heaven Above.

Thank You, Lord, for these, Your Servants,
Who join in prayer and form that bridge,
That leads the way up to that Lighthouse,
Where Peace and Joy and Blessings live.

July 30, 2006

Written for All the Prayer Warriors
Who form the Army that sustains us all.









Music: "If That Isn't Love"
Sequenced By: Wanda
Used With Permission


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