Let Me Be

Let me be Your chosen maiden,
Lord, please grant me words to say,
To tell my friends how much I love them
And I will be here, come what may.

Let me be Your Words of comfort,
Let my arms be like Your own.
Let me safely lead them toward You.
Let me be Your Light that's shown.

Let me carry half the burden
Let me blend my tears with theirs.
Let me be the voice of reason
When they can't find the words.

Let me wrap my arms around them,
Cradle them against my breast,
When their hearts are just too weary,
And their souls demand some rest.

Let me be the one they turn to
When the road gets way too long.
Let me be the friend they call on
When they need someone who's strong.

Let me sing sweet songs of praises
Guide me to those souls in need,
Let me be a friend, I pray Thee,
Let me follow where You lead.

Revised 5-23-06











Song "Majesty and Glory"


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