My Greatest Love

In this grand scheme of things
That I have acquired, begged or borrowed,
The one I hold dearest of all,
And have caused so very much sorrow.
This LOVE, surpasses those of husband,
Parents, most-beloved child,
This LOVE delivers ME from MYSELF,
Forgives mistakes that drove me wild.
This LOVE delivers kindness
To a broken heart,
This LOVE understands frustration,
Yet never takes a part.

This LOVE comforts my weary soul,
Bringing rest,
This LOVE affirms me,
Always hoping for the best.
This LOVE lifts me
And helps me to believe.
This LOVE inspires
And helps me to achieve.

This LOVE stood beside me,
When all had turned away.
This LOVE, my greatest romance,
Walks with me every day.
This LOVE gave me everything
That He had to give,
This LOVE gave HIS LIFE,
So that I might live.

This LOVE I owe so much too,
That I cannot repay,
This LOVE lives within my heart,
And promises to stay.
This LOVE is my bridegroom,
Jesus is His Holy Name.
This LOVE struggled into my life,
And I will never be the same.
December 31, 2004 ©





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Music Amazing Grace
Sequenced By: Bob Mace
Permission Granted




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