Blest with Love

Tracing back, through all the years,
Of life, and love, and sometimes, fears,
Becomes a Blessing; just to know
There were those who loved you so.

Committed, yet not meant to be,
Young couples often cannot see
The distant storms life has in store,
So you separate, wanting to find more.

You were Blest with Love.

The drummer drums, the bugle sounds,
You travel on, your heart abounds,
To different, but not better, mates
The bugle stills, the drum abates.

Once more, alone, and lonely, too,
You stride into the yonder blue
To seek your fortune, maybe fame,
Yet, one thing still remains the same.

You were Blest with Love.

Wisdom finds you, patiently,
Awaiting what was "Meant to Be".
Heartstrings tied in silver hue,
That "destined person" calling you.

At long last, you finally understand,
That "giving" love, is what makes it grand,
And hearts entwined can breath at last,
And only Death can change Loves past.

you were Blest with Love.

Now you must carry on alone.
With all your heart, sins to atone.
Find that Perfect Love, worth waiting for,
In Jesus' Heart, His Life, and More.

For He has given unto you
A cleansed heart; a cleansed spirit, too.
Jesus takes you by the hand,
and leads you to that Promised Land,

you are Blest with Love.

October19, 2004

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Song: "I  Belong To You"
Courtesy of Quality Christian Midi's
With Permission


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