The heart of a poet is broken,
The pieces all tattered and torn
It's beat has been shattered by heartache
That has left it bereft and forlorn.

The heart of a poet is compassionate
To life's woes that have been brought
It's sympathy flows like a fountain
It bleeds the most wondrous of thought

The heart of a poet is courageous
It's speaks what it knows to be true
It bears it's soul without avarice
A message to deliver for you.

The heart of a poet is generous
Giving all that he has for the source
It pours out it's feelings unabashedly
Willing you understand in due course.

The heart of the poet is broken
So that the poet may impart
The soothing balm of healing required
To bring peace to the poet's heart.

©September 19, 2007

Poet's Heart ll

If the heart of the poet reflects the fruits of the spirit
I know that you will truly see
The Word of the Lord revealed in the lyric
Leading you toward eternity.

If the heart of the poet speaks of Love and Patience
Kindness, Peace, and great Joy,
Gentle goodness and faithfulness will surely follow
As self-control the poet employs.

If the heart of the poet leads you toward Jesus,
And the Love that HE offers to you,
Then the poet has completed his purpose
And, prayfully, the next step is up to you.

©September 19, 2007










Midi "The Gift"


 Top image is by Thomas Pollock Anschutz (1851-1912)
Oil on canvas 1905



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