When your soul is crying and needs release
When you can do nothing but fall to your knees
When the burden has become just too heavy to bear
When you canít find some solace, anywhere,

Turn to the music that soothes your soul,
Let the Power of the Risen Savior take control,
Rejoice with Him, Godís Greatest Victory,
Christís Resurrection, which set you free.

Praise the Power of the Fatherís Almighty Hand
That parted the red sea, so His people could stand,
Who fed them on Manna from Heaven above,
Wrote the Ten Commandments, to prove His Love.

Let your voice ring with hymns of praise
You will be lift high above this maze
Sing with the angels these Heavenly songs
The Joy in your heart, Our Savior prolongs.

Forgiven, Forgotten, Forever, with Praise
To Our Awesome God, for He will raise
Your soul and your heart and your spirits, too,
For the Power that raised Jesus, is now raising you!!!!

©2007, April 14









Tubes used are from Angelkeeper Designs



Song "Majesty" Courtesy of  "Quality Christian Music"



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