He Spoke To Me

The strokes that I have had have left a profound effect on me. There are
some physical things, but they dim in the light of my memory loss.
Whole segments of my life are behind some dark cloud, and I have spent
everyday since my last stroke, trying to recall something---anything that
will bring back those lost memories. I tell you this, because I have one
memory that is the same today as the first day I experienced it. Nothing
changes this particular memory......and for that I am eternally grateful.....
and very blessed.
That's the day God Talked to Me.

We have to go back a few years, to my early forties. My daughter
was soon to graduate from high school, I was working at the local
hospital, my husband had not yet been diagnoses with his disease,
and I was stressed and not feeling the best. I went for a walk.
We lived on an acreage near the town where I was born. It was
early spring, near Easter, and as I walked down the gravel road I
"talked to God", not a prayer, actually; more like I would talk to you.
It was confession time for me: I didn't feel that I was being a
"Good Christian" (whatever that is), and that I had failed God in
so many ways.

So I was going through a litany of all my wrong-doings; enough,
believe me, to fill several volumes. I haven't always been a
"Good Christian". Backslid, a time for "few", and made some
major mistakes in my life. Anyway, I was telling God all about
how worthless, stained beyond recognition I was, hypocritical
and how pointless my life had become. This litany went on and on,
and I honestly think that God got tired of hearing about it.

Because HE SPOKE TO ME!!! I can't tell you the sound of His
Voice, but it was very real, very strong, and very pointed.
Like a lightening bolt out of the sky, my thoughts went immediately
to Calvary. Did I really want Him to be whipped ONE MORE TIME
for my sins? Did I really want Him to have MORE THORNS in
the crown that He wore? Did I really want Him to SUFFER
MORE AGONY on the Cross than He already had?
Wasn't His Sacrifice Enough?

The rest of my walk was with each step a prayer of Praise for
what JESUS had done. Yes, Lord, Yes , Lord, Yes, oh Yes.
Everything JESUS did, He did for me!!! That WAS my cross
You were taking to Calvary!!!!! And I learned that by NOT
ACCEPTING what He so freely has given, is like PLACING
ANOTHER NAIL in His Gentle Hands, PIERCING His Side
with OUR DOUBTS, and probing His Brow with the thorns
Have I failed the Lord since then??? ONLY EVERY DAY!!!

Does He forgive me??????

I have His Word on it!!!

~ Karen ~

Scripture: from Romans

For all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.......
If you confess with your mouth ........




Midi  "Amazing Grace"

Sequenced By Harry Todd "The Gitpicker"
Used With Permission


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