From mountaintop's lofty peaks I seek
The vista's beauty; from which to find,
My Comforter, my Solace, my Guide,
And yet my heart has been denied.


From distant shores, to grains of sand,
I try so hard to understand,
To be enfolded in His Embrace
Warm in His Arms, to touch His Face.

To share the Love He offers you
For no other Love on earth will do
And then realization starts to begin
I find that He Does Dwell Within.

Within the heart that seeks to find
His Goodness, Kindness, Peace of mind.
Humbly now, I seek to Follow Him,
Knowing Truly He Dwells Within.


To Follow Him~~~to carry my cross
For anything else, would count as loss.


© April 10, 2005



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"I Want To Be With You"

Sequenced By: ©MCS Midi
With Permission


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