Grow Old Along With Me

"Grow Old Along with me, the best is yet to be."
These words tug at my heartstrings,
For I'm alone, you see.

"What ever God decrees,
Will be all right with me."
Yet ~ I have spend these years alone,
How could I ever feel this free?

Humility forced it's way in
To cover my chagrin.
Who kept me safe through all Life's storms?
I'd never survive without Him.

"Grow old along with me",
O' Lord, at last I see,
It was Your Love through all these years
When I thought it was 'just me'.

Your words locked in my soul.
You are in complete control.
I give what's left of my life to You.
Cleanse me, and make me whole.

Jesus: the same yesterday, today, and forever!
His Grace and Love will leave me   ~NEVER ~
O' My Sweet Lord, at last I see.
This Same Jesus will grow old with me.






"If That Isn't Love"

Sequenced By Wanda
Used With Permission

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