No Greater Love Than Thee

I really need to talk to Him,
And don't know what to say.
You see, His Son was killed today,
In a land so far away.

His Son had not done one thing wrong,
He only tried to be
The kind of Son his Father had raised:
Confident and free.

He shared everything He knew,
He gave till there was no more.
He died such a horrible, brutal death,
His body torn and sore.

His Father must be mourning now,
To lose a Son so fair.
His broken heart is weeping,
Tears must flow beyond compare.

I really need to talk to Him,
And let Him know I grieve
That He has lost His Son today.
And, how I do believe

That He did not die in vain,
It goes beyond the pale,
That He should suffer all that pain,
The hammer and the nail.

Can I not go and tell Him
What my heart believes is true?
For grief, itself, has swallowed Him,
His heart is bleeding, too.

For what Father could grieve more
Than the Almighty Holy Lord?
Who gave His Only Son for us,
And with JUST one accord.

That, by His Blood, we could be cleansed
From all unrighteousness
And dwell, with Jesus in Heaven,
And daily, there, be Blessed.

Our Father, Who art in Heaven,
Hallowed by Thy Name !!!,
You gave Your Only Son for us,
We will NEVER be the same !!!

So when you bend your knee tonight,
And say a little prayer,
Just let the Father know that you,
With HIM, will TRULY share

The grief of losing His Beloved Son
Who died at Calvary,
And YOURS, my friend,

Revised 2007, March 31

John 3:16
For God so loved the world!






Song 'Our God Is An Awesome God'
Courtesy of "Rose's Worship and Praise Music"


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