Today, I saw a rainbow
Lovingly grace the skies.
Was reminded of Godís Promise,
My emotions began to rise.

Where now, my Lord, my blessing?
Where now, my Lord, my Love?
Where now, my Lord, can I share,
This beauty cresting up above?

Today, I saw Godís Promise,
In my dying loved oneís eyes.
They looked out beyond my vision,
And I began to realize.

That Death is not an ending
To life; with all its joys and pains.
Itís only a transition,
To a Love that never ends.

And all that you take with you,
When Jesus calls you home at last,
Is all the love that you have shared,
With those He has put in your path.

So, when you see a rainbow,
Arching way beyond the bend,
Accept the love that is offered you;
From a place where Love Never Ends.

© Karen




I took this photo on Highway 50 heading to Montrose, CO.





Song "How Great Thou Art"
From Quality Christian Midi's
Used With Permission


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