What great peace washes over
My lonely soul that sees
God's Light shining brightly over
The waves across the sea.

Infinitesimal; my being,
Yet for me, YOU sacrificed
Your Beloved Son, revealing
YOU would pay any price

To rescue such a worthless soul,
Ah, ~~~ but now it's been set free!!!!
With faith the size of a mustard seed
I dare approach the 'Holy See'

Smaller, far, than a simple grain
Of sand upon this beach,
Yet I can reach the Throne of God:
Raise up my arms and beseech

My Almighty Father, in prayer,
Knowing, through His Holy Word,
His answer soon will be there~~~
And I can feel assured

That Jesus will draw closer; still,
To all those we hold before Him
God's Light will forever shine;
Bowing humbly, I ADORE HIM.

August 20, 2006







Song: "If That Is Not Love"
Sequenced By: Wanda
Used With Permission


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