Good Night Jesus

Two little children, bent at the knee
Just as 'serious' as they can be,
A boy and his sister, saying their prayers,
Talking quietly to the 'Man Upstairs',

God Bless my Mom, she's such a pest,
She always wants me to do my best,
I really try hard, but it takes lots o' guts
Cuz sometimes my sister just drives me nuts!!!

God Bless my dad, he really needs some help,
Sometimes he kicks the dog, and makes him yelp.
Even GOOD kids can get in trouble, You see,
When we want to watch too much TV.

Our teachers are trying to make us add
It's a rough job, Lord, so don't get mad,
I think I've gone as far as I can go,
Cuz I've run out of fingers and toes.

My grandpa and grandma need a blessing,
I'm not real sure, I could be guessing,
But I think grandpa's teeth got stuck, somehow,
Grandma said it was cuz he was kissin' a cow!

Lord, it's really good just talking to you,
I like it when you want my point of view,
My sister's praying too, and she's awful serious,
Don't pay any attention, she might be delirious.

Girls are like that, really, Lord, that's true,
They can drive you crazy before they are through,
So please take what she says with a grain of salt,
And if she starts to TELL ON ME, please call a halt!

Getting sleepy, Lord, so I'll finish my prayers,
Sure good to talk to the 'Man Upstairs'.
Bless all my Aunts 'n' Uncles, cousins, too,
And anybody I forgot, might be quite a few.

Do remember, Lord, bein' a little boy?
I'm sure you found lots of things to bring joy!
So Thank You for this world, and for giving me
A chance to talk to you before I go to sleep.

Goodnight, Jesus

January 25 2008













Song courtesy of  Trinket Box Midis


Tubes are from Youkette Tubes



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