Light as gossamer, delicately tapered,
White as fresh -fallen snow,
From where did it come,
This gentle reminder,
Our Father's Great Love to bestow.

T'was found at a time when
My heart was so burdened,
Remembering the loss of your love.
Caressing spirit, this Feather
From the wings of an angel,
For angels watch us from above.

It could be a breast feather,
From a dove, so endearing,
It lays, so lightly, in my hand,
Like a gentle reminder
Of the Love of Jesus,
And our hope for His Promised Land.

How it got here will forever
An intriguing mystery remain
Yet, there is one thing that I know.
Finding this Feather
Brought certain Peace to me
On a day that I needed it so!

Be it Angels, or Doves,
Jesus still watches over us,
Guiding the pathways we trod.
And at times when we need
A gentle reminder,
That Comforter comes from God.

January 31 2008







Song: "Angels Watching Over Me"



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