The other day, a friend shared the story of
Her son’s engagement.
And it was a story of love, romance, and
Thoughtful preparation.

And my mind wandered as she talked

Aren’t we all


“Engaging” arms wrap full around me,
Cradling me more closely still,
Sweet, gentle words; softly spoken
Bring to me a glorious thrill.

He wants me~~oh~~He really wants me~~
It is my face He longs to see.
He holds my Dreams and Expectations
“Engaging” so much more of me.

He will stay forever by me
I’ll never walk this land alone.
For He will be there to Lead and Guide me
Making sure I never roam.

Yes, I’m “engaged”~~~and He is planning
Such a glorious “Wedding Feast”.
He has offered up His Life for me:
I am a sinner: I am the least!

Yet, I am “engaged” to be His bride,
Daily, He will help me meet my goals,
“Engaging” in a life worth living
Till Jesus carries me across that final threshold.

May 15, 2005


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Midi: "Classic Tale Of Love"
An Original~Composed By:
"Rodney A. Bruebaker"
Used With Permission


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