The Day Heaven Opens



Hush, can you hear a trumpet sound?
Are there saints gathering all around?
Is a storm brewing beyond the horizon?
Or is this the day we have been apprized of?


Can you see the sky in such glorious hue?
Have you seen this before, or is this something new?
Should we be praying or saving just one last soul?
Is this the day Heaven opens, His Grace to unfold?

Is that shouting you hear, can it really be true?
Is the King on his way, is that Jesus I view?
Smote my chest for that last sin, it happened today,
I promised I would, then never knelt down to pray.

We all rise up with singing that Heavenly Song,
Yes, the Savior is coming and it won't be too long.
No more sickness, no war, no sorrows remain,
At Last, I see my Savior, no NOTHING'S the same....

©August 20 2006










Song: "Love's Great Decree" Courtesy of Hamblen & Hamblen


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