If I but had the courage,
to write what is within,
I'd have to place all pretense down,
oh, where could I begin?

I'd have to say I'm lonely,
I'd have to say I'm blue,
I'd have to say that I wait 'till
I can spend some time with you.

If I but had the courage,
I'd confess my loves I've had,
I'd tell of all the joys I've known,
and times that made me sad.

I'd tell of hearts I've broken,
and how mine was torn in two.
I'd tell you how I learned to Love,
the way you wanted me to love you.

If I but had the courage,
I'd release my every flaw,
I'd admit to all my failures,
yes, I would tell you all.

I'd repent of all my sinning,
I'd recant my every word
If I but had the courage,
but that would be absurd.

No, I don't have that courage,
that is more than I can bear.
So I'll just smile, say "I'm doing fine,
I haven't got a care."

The one true thing I know of,
beyond the shadow of a doubt:
My Sweet Lord Walks beside me,
Him I can not do without.

I do have the courage to tell
what true love must surely be
It's the Love that comes from our Father,
Through Jesus Christ ~~~and Calvary.

Yes and I do have the courage
to make me want to shout
And sing praises to Our Precious Lord,
of whom I have no doubt!

If I But Had the Courage.........

©May 1 2006




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Song "Away" © Marc Krisnanto ~ With permission


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