You'd think, by now, I might have known
These stumbling blocks were stepping stones
The Lord had placed upon my path
To make up for the faith I lacked,

To chose the right move I must make
For myself; and for my families' sake.
Indecision haunts me to this day
As stumbling blocks get in the way.

The first is 'burden', which I might be,
The next is 'dependence', from which I flee.
Or illness, depression, zest for living,
Can you see why I have such misgiving?

Or could I perhaps a 'blessing' be?
Could Jesus' Love 'shine' down through me?
Can I be 'humble', 'compassionate' and 'kind'?
Must I forever seem so blind?

That I can't see what is before my face.
The Lord will chose the time, the place,
All that HE really asks of me,
"Take up your cross, and follow me".

February 28, 2009





Song: "As The Deer Panteth"

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