I searched the skies for rainbows,
To chase my cares away.
A sign of God's Own Promise,
Amidst the skies of gray.

The rain had left a freshness
In the air, like God's own breath,
God-Light streamed through clouds supreme,
What next I saw, took my breath!

Rich vivid colors arching
Across the graying skies,
Gloriously revealing
His truth; that can not lie.

I stood in abject amazement
As the scene came into view,
God hadn't sent me a rainbow,
In fact, He sent me two!

So if the skies seem dreary,
Don't weep in weary dismay,
Just search the skies for rainbows,
God's Promise is on its way!



I spent some time looking for a rainbow
after a bitter thunderstorm
perhaps this poem can begin to reflect
the beauty that I saw.







Music courtesy Tam's Midis




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