Wearing sackcloth and ashes
I come before Your Heavenly Throne
With a heart so heavily burdened
With sins I need to atone.

Forgive my transgressions
When I couldn't find time to pray,
When my life seemed too hectic
This simple request to obey.

Forgive my transgressions
For my bible is gathering dust,
I speak of Your Merciful Promises,
Yet, my heart is filled with lust.

Forgive my transgressions
The times when I might have been
More compassionate, and more loving,
To those I 'perceived' had sinned.

Forgive my transgressions
Remove the beam from my eye,
Make of my life; just a mirror
Of my Savior~~~~crucified.






Song "Majesty"


The tube that represents Jesus is from My Misted World
The rest is email shares..If you know who has © to them I will give credit.


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