I’ve decided I am ‘high maintenance’,
Requiring lots of recompensed,
From any suitor inclined to be,
Attracted to sweet and lovely me.

Talents required to ‘nth degree’,
A massage for hours, at least three,
And painting is required, heaven knows,
For he would have to paint my toes,

It would help if he could really cook,
And clean the kitchen, for I forsook
Doing any housework, it never fails
Any work I do just RUINS my nails.


Soft, tender, loving words he must recite,
I need them, morning, noon, and every night.
Strong arms to hold me when I cry,
And a soothing voice to sing me a lullaby.

Yes, I am ‘high maintenance, you must agree,
Where can I ever find a man to tolerate me?
Sweet and lovely am I, no conceit will you find,
The last qualification is: he must be blind!!!!


©May 6, 2007














Midi "In Love" Courtesy of RedSal Sequenced by Redsal



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