I received a message and a
Dancin' Karen from a dear friend,
Betty Boop
Of course, what could I do
But write a poem

When I was young and in my prime,
I went dancing' all the time.
Rock and roll was really ?cool',
And I loved Elvis (I ain't no fool)

Then Chubby Checker came along
And I danced the ?Twist' to his latest song,
Then the ?Mashed Potato' and the ?Swim'
All that dancing' helped to keep me trim.

After I married I was ?more sedate?,
We went to dances, but never stayed late.
Slow dancing, the two-step, and the waltz,
Together we really showed some 'smaltz'.

Dancin' with my husband was something I adored,
When we went dancin'~~~~we were never bored.
The best dancin' we did was in our own livin' room,
I felt like a bride, and he was my groom.

So oft' I've told this story of my romance,
And how my hubby and I just loved to dance.
A dear friend of mine named 'Betty Boop'
Made a present for me, and here's the scoop.

She found a dancer, yes-sir-reeeee
And pasted a head on, and it looks like me!
Thanks Betty for the good 'belly laugh'
Does anyone want my 'autograph'?

© August 19, 2005



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