It Was You

It was you, who grew beneath my heart,
Captured my soul from the very start,
Changing my life, ne’er to be the same,
Struggling just to decide your name.

So tiny, so vulnerable, so easily led,
So trusting, so wise, so willingly fed,
Life’s lessons applied to your curious slate,
I found in my life more to appreciate.

It was you, in who I realized my dreams,
Your maturity happened, too fast, it seems,
You chose lofty goals, your aspirations achieved,
My pride in you shows, for you really believed.

It was you who gave a birthday present, so pure,
Through terrible pain, you so bravely endured.
That gift lights my life in my waning years,
Just the thought of her brings my full-heart to tears.

It was you, who stood staunchly by my side,
As life took me on such a terrible ride,
Colored pictures trimmed my weary walls,
I still see Katy with me walking down narrow halls.

It was you, who surprised us with Sierra Leone,
A new Mom at forty-something, who could have known,
What a joy this child adds to everyone’s life?
She is beautiful, a dare-devil, not afraid of any strife.

It was you, who gave all this wondrous life to me,
And if God, in His Mercy, spares me more time,
Just one more blessing I’ll ask of Him, please,
Let my last gaze be a privilege sublime~~~~

....It was you....

© 2007 May 6












Song: "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"
Courtesy of  Dolphin Dream's Quietude

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